Integrated Field Development Studies

Our integrated consultancy department offers a suite of specialized services that include but are not limited to:

  • Integrated field development
  • Data room services and asset screening
  • Reserves & Uncertainties Estimation
  • Independent T echnical Assessment, including T echnical and Site audits
  • Review, Critique or Validation of Field Development Plans (FDP) and CPR’s
  • Project Economics and Risk analysis 

Asset Evaluation

  • Our technical team is involved in valuing existing fields or prospects and making independent evaluations of assets our clients wish to purchase. This includes remaining reserves evaluations and well potential and deliverability. 
  • We also produce independent reports for reserve estimates and production forecasts for finance purposes to banks and lending institutions
  • Asset evaluation and ranking based on economic viability 

Prospect Evaluation and Maturation studies

Data room services and asset screenin